Welcome to my world.  

Writing can be a solitary business, so join me here and share my latest adventures. I'll include upcoming conferences I'm attending, books I'm reading, and updates on current projects right here on the front page.


Check out my resources page for links to some of my favorite writing guides (yes, that synopsis is killing me too.) See past publications in the bio section, or read a selection of previously published short stories. 

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What do I write? 

Long form, Short, Flash Fiction, and plays. Most of what I write includes elements of Magical Realism, Fantastical Realism, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction. I like to experiment with form and and most happy when I'm genre bending and challenging myself to find creative ways to explore character and story. 

What Am I Reading?

If it's fiction, I'm looking for character driven novels with beautifully crafted writing I can sink into. I love clever fantasy that upends classic tropes and destroys expectations. The best books are the ones where  you know the author was in love with the language, characters, and subject matter. I'm a devotee of Virginia Woolf, Michael Ondaatje, A.S. Byatt, and Margaret Atwood. Recent reads that have blown me away: The Book of Salt by Monique Truong and The Broken Earth Series by N.K. Jemisin. 

For non-fiction I'm interested in general world history, particularly the late 19th and early 20th centuries; the socio-cultural history of disease; non-eurocentric anthropology; and nature. Good storytelling is a must. Standouts: Rabid by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy; The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson.   

Interested in what else I'm reading? Know something you think I'd love? Find me on Goodreads. 

Where am i going?

SLICE LITERARY WRITER'S CONFERENCE -- This was my third year at Slice Con in Downtown Brooklyn. To read my review of the conference this year check out the Conferences & Events page. https://slicelitcon.org 

WRITING DAY WORKSHOP -- This year I'm traveling to one of my favorite cities, Philly, for a Writing Day Workshop. I'm hoping this one day intensive will keep me on my game through the end of the year when my high work season and the holidays makes it easy to lose motivation. It's my first time, so I'll post some reactions here after I attend.  http://www.writingdayworkshops.com/about.html

Current Project: Wandering Tales

A follow up to Other Strangers, Wandering Tales begins with Dante's search for Illace, her mother's best friend and one of the few Old Ones left alive. When Basque disappears she's thrust back into the fight with her newfound power just barely controlled and her attraction to Rigan proving more problematic than ever. Dante will need to walk into the lies of the past and the dim magic of origin stories if she is to end a feud older than any of them could ever have imagined. Running parallel is the story of Aniel and Gaelin and how they became the keepers of their people's memories and began the long struggle to regain the lives and home stolen from them. 


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